‘You think about the painting’

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, Feb 6) – Veteran television presenter Joey de Leon is reminding aspiring painters that good artistic skills include not just hand techniques, but also thinking about your artwork and how this will affect your audience.

“We all know how to paint, the problem is we know how to think what we paint and also think of those who look at what you paint. It’s important, ”he told CNN Philippines Newsroom Weekend.

[Translation: We all know how to paint, the problem is do we know how to think about what we are painting and will we make our audience think about our painting. That is what is important.]

De Leon said painting had been his longstanding passion, but because of his profession, he didn’t have much time to enjoy it. However, after he was locked in his home because of the pandemic, he had time to work on his artwork.

He also said that he is not the serious guy when it comes to painting and that he always brings life to his production.

“I am a gamer. I play and paint … Like composing songs and music, basta ako ine-enjoy ko [I just enjoy],” he said.

De Leon will have an art exhibition entitled “In the House (Art … Work from Home)” at Finale Art File in Makati from February 11th to March 5th. If you want to visit them, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

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