World’s most stolen painting from 15th century may finally be safe in Belgium, World News

The most stolen work of art of all time, known as “Hubert and Jan van Eyck’s Adoration of the Mystical Lamb”, is now safe in a glass house worth 30 million euros. The artwork is also known as the Ghent Altarpiece and is kept in St. Bavo’s Catherdal in Ghent, Belgium.

Who is behind the coveted job?

The painting was made for the church by the Van Eyck brothers in 1432. It is kept in the Sacrament Chapel, the largest chapel in the cathedral. To prevent theft, the painting is kept in a 6 meter high bulletproof display.

The painting has been extensively preserved over the past seven years. The new arrangement will help visitors get a better look at the coveted work of art while ensuring that it is better preserved. The cathedral can get up to 2 degrees Celsius in the winter months. On other days it receives a lot of sunlight. Both things could hinder its preservation.

The work of art saw everything

However, there are major concerns about the safety of this painting. In its 588-year history, the Ghent Altarpiece has been stolen by several parties from various historical locations. It was almost destroyed by Calvinists, stolen by Napoleon, mutilated by the hands of a Prussian king, and also got into the hands of Adolf Hitler.

It was almost lost in an explosion in Austria, but was rescued by commando agents. It was very difficult for the painting, and one of the 12 panels is still missing, which can be traced back to an attack in April 1934. Even now, the Safe Keepers are wary of an impending threat, which is why they have installed large security doors for easy evacuation of the panels in an emergency.

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