Working Hard to Make Your Next Painting Project a Certainty

August 2020

We’ve all heard old Ben Franklin say that nothing in this world is safe but death and taxes. CertaPro Painters employees work diligently to give your life another security: that you will be very satisfied after completing your next painting project for residential or business premises. In times of great uncertainty, it is good to know that someone is working out there to keep your life safe. For Certa Pro, it starts with its mission statement: consistently delivering extraordinary experiences.

About Certa Pro

In 1992, CertaPro Painters began with a vision to make home and commercial painting easier and more convenient for homeowners and business owners. From the beginning, their promise was that of security, in order to convince customers of their quality and expertise. Today you are the greatest painter in residential areas in North America. CertaPro works through a network of local and operated franchise companies.

The local CertaPro franchisee has been serving the Greater Indy area since 2001. As you would expect, they are fully licensed, insured, and locally owned and operated.

What does CertaPro do to ensure security?

We put the question to JJ Darr, President and one of the owners of the local franchise, which started selling 10 years ago and was given the opportunity to advance to his current position. Darr replied, “Certainty comes with experience, and that comes with timely communication, transparency, and honesty. These are all things that we build into our processes so that customers can safely hire Certa-Pro. ”

Darr stated that one of the main ways CertaPro uses to keep its work safe is to have developed effective systems over the years that allow them to monitor and manage almost every aspect of their business. Darr stated, “Metrics are important to us. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We want processes by which we can set standards and hold teammates accountable for positive results for our customers. “

JJ Darr, President

The heart of CertaPro’s customer service is the so-called Certainty Service System (CSS). Darr explained that CSS is a six-step process that CertaPro has developed to ensure that the paint teams can deliver great results to their customers. It starts when the sales representative responsible for the project has a personal handover to the head of the paint crew to discuss all the details of the project. The site manager, who wears a gold shirt on arrival, will go through the project with the client. At the end of each day, the same person will discuss with the owner the progress made that day and the plan for what will be achieved the next day. At the end of the project, the site manager takes a “pride walk” with the owner to ensure that the owner’s expectations have been met.

To measure how well CertaPro is meeting customer expectations, Darr stated that CertaPro implemented a system used by many companies called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is an important metric for CertaPro, which after completing an assignment is essentially asking customers how likely they are to refer CertaPro to other potential customers on a scale of 1 to 10. According to Darr, “The score is a clear reflection of customer satisfaction based on how reliable you are or how happy your customers do with you. This year our NPS is 71%. “

CertaPro’s response to COVID-19

Like almost every company in the world, CertaPro had to adapt to the problems of the COVID-19 pandemic. First, they introduced new SOPs that require painters to wear masks, painters’ temperatures are taken every morning before showing up to a construction site, and painters practice social distancing where possible. Second, each paint crew carries a bottle of disinfectant and is trained in the proper procedures for using it. In addition, many of the documents that used to be on paper have been converted to digital documents and loaded onto a tablet.

Another important development by CertaPro in addressing the issues related to the pandemic was the creation of a unique online estimation system.

CertaPro offers both personal and online estimates

Projects usually begin when a potential customer calls the CertaPro office and is forwarded to a sales representative who is responsible for the specific area in which the caller lives.

The sales rep then comes home and looks at the project. Before he arrives, he calls the customer to get him on his way. The sales rep will talk to the customer, look around the project, and come up with a quote. All estimates are made on a tablet and completed on site within approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Once the estimate is made, the sales rep reviews it with the client to make sure everyone understands what is being proposed for the project.

Alternatively, an estimate can be made using CertaPro’s unique online valuation system. With this system, go to a link on the CertaPro website or use a QR code like the one shown below. Once on the website you will be asked a series of questions about the project that CertaPro is intended to address. After the questions you can upload photos of the area you would like to have painted. This process usually takes about 10 minutes. Presto, you will then receive an estimate in your email.

The online appraisal system is a great way for you to get a quote if for any reason you decide that no sales partner will come to your home.

Equally important, an online valuation is a great way for people who are about to purchase a new home to get an estimate of the painting before they own or close a home without the hassle of buying one Establish a schedule for the current owner or their real estate agent to be present.

If you have a painting project and want to be sure that the project will be professionally carried out and meet or exceed your expectations, give CertaPro a call for a personalized estimate or just visit the website to get an online estimate.

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