Woman horrified after ‘panting’ man ‘performs sex act at her’ on double-decker bus

A shocked woman told how a panting man sat down next to her on a crowded bus, whipped his manhood, and began to have fun.

The woman said she “froze” in fear when the incident took place on the biplane between Oxford and Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

Her ordeal began when she got on the X3 bus to Abingdon at around 7:30 p.m. at St Aldates, Oxford last Wednesday.

In a post on Facebook warning other women that buses were catching in the area, she said the bus was “full” so she was in the back of the upper deck and other people were in close proximity.

The stranger then sat in the same row and thought little about it until the bus reached Abingdon.

The double-decker bus ran between Oxford and Abingdon in Oxfordshire

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She wrote, “I noticed some strange arm movements but didn’t look up at him until the noise started … I could feel him looking at me.

“When I consider that on many occasions I am mistaken for a minor, a child, this man would sit next to me and stare at me and make strange noises while masturbating his genitals.”

She was “scared” and “literally froze in fear” but then packed her bag and fled to the lower deck.

The post added, “I had a panic attack before I got the courage to tell the bus driver.”

The driver then went to confront the man, but he was gone after apparently getting off at another stop in town.

The woman immediately went to the police station to report what had happened to the Thames Valley Police and said she should be interviewed yesterday.

She added, “This guy is clearly a predator – please note he’s still out there.

“Everyone, especially girls, when you’re alone on the bus between Oxford and Abingdon, it doesn’t matter what time it is. Don’t get on the back of the bus because I really don’t want anyone to experience anything.” the actual terror I was feeling at that moment. “

The incident was reportedly reported to the police

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She said she felt “trapped” and added, “Please be careful out there, he wasn’t caught so he can do this to someone else.”

He is described as an Asian in his thirties and wears dark jeans, a white top, and a black jacket.

The woman said the bus driver was “great” and added, “She stopped the bus and got off, called the depot to report this, gave me the bus number and told me there was video surveillance and it did my data noted. “

The Oxford Bus Company, which operates the X3, is assisting the police in their investigation and has provided CCTV footage from the service.

A spokesman said: “Passenger safety is of paramount importance to us and such allegations are extremely rare on our bus network, which safely carries thousands of passengers every day.”

More than 500 people have shared the woman’s post since it went public.

The Thames Valley Police Department has been contacted for more information.

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