Woman finds her beloved painting in perfect condition after apartment fire

BIG SPRING, Texas (KOSA) – Early Sunday morning, a fire in an apartment complex in Big Spring damaged several units and sent two people to the hospital.

With all the destruction, some survivors found a reason to be grateful.

Lucy Gomez woke up early this morning when someone knocked on her door but didn’t answer because she thought they were about to break in.

When she realized it was the fire department, she ran, left everything behind and ran out of her apartment.

“So he said, ma’am, out, out. I didn’t know what else because he was leaving and he said to get out so I went over here and got up. Then someone came and was with me, ”said Gomez.

Gomez was among dozens of tenants who had to vacate their home this morning because of a fire in the Ponderosa Apartments.

She says of everything she owned; There was one thing she hoped wouldn’t get damaged.

“Then at home I said that’s okay, that’s okay when I’ve lost everything, but not my Jesus picture, not my Jesus picture,” said Gomez.

Gomez returned to her apartment this afternoon and found that most of her belongings were destroyed and covered in ash – almost everything.

“This picture means a lot to me. I’ve had it for about ten years and right now it’s not even scratched or wet; praise god or nothing. It’s like I just bought it in the store, ”said Gomez.

Many residents, like Gomez, spent the afternoon searching their homes for items that had escaped the flames.

Gomez says she is grateful to be alive and that her painting was saved.

“I can not; I have no words. It just makes me happy and it was worth all the worry and ugliness, ”said Gomez.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by the Big Spring Fire Marshal’s office.

Big Spring Emergency Management and the Red Cross have established a reunification center at the Dorothy Garrett Coliseum at Howard College.

At that time, four families were relocated.

Anyone who needs help with the fire can report to the reunification center or contact the Red Cross.

Big Spring Mayor Shannon Thomason published this list of items needed for the displaced.

List of items needed for residents of the Ponderosa Apartments.(KOSA)

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