Why Do Dogs Pant? Reasons Why Your Dog Is Panting

She is suffering from heat stroke

Wheezing after walking around or spending time in the sun is usually nothing to worry about, but watch out for heat stroke if it was a particularly hot day. A dog that gasps excessively and also behaves sluggishly or confused, vomits, drools, or shows reddened gums could be overheated, says Paschke. Take your dog to the vet if you suspect heat stroke and help your pet cool off in the meantime, says Gary Richter, DVM, holistic veterinarian and expert on Rover.com’s Dog People Panel. He recommends getting your dog out of the heat and rinsing them with room temperature water – ice actually works against your pet. “The ice is so cold that the blood vessels in the skin are restricted and blood flow isn’t as effective,” he says. “Room temperature … will ultimately help you cool down faster and better.”

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