Weymouth man turned to painting to get through pandemic

WEYMOUTH – With his brush dipped in Winsor & Newton’s titanium white, Dana Scott strokes the canvas with his brush to create a “happy little cloud”, like the late beloved painter Bob Ross on his long-running TV show “The Joy of Painting” says. ”

It’s not Scott’s first happy little cloud – and it won’t be his last.

Scott lost his job as a motorcycle technician in December and found out the same day that his best friend had died. Desperate after an escape, he painted all of Bob Ross’ television art – over 300 paintings.

“And it was one of those things that was like, ‘Life is too short,'” said Scott.

A couple of times a week, Scott sits down in his apartment in Weymouth, where he lives with his wife and three children, to watch one of Bob Ross’s TV works of art, starting with season one and in the correct order.

Dana Scott from Weymouth paints all of Bob Ross's television pictures in his kitchen and records his work to share on his YouTube channel.

Scott said that he was always intrigued by watching Bob Ross paint, and that he was a standout pop culture figure for Scott during his childhood.

“I watched him when I was a little kid on PBS,” said Scott. “I remember being a little kid who stayed home sick from school. After the kids program … adult programming started and there is Bob Ross. I just remember being fascinated by what he did. “

Scott also records drawing with a camera set on a tripod on his kitchen table. He then uploads the videos to his YouTube channel, hoping that his journey can show people that they can do whatever they set out to do.

What viewers may not notice at first is that Scott is color blind, which in his case means his eyes confuse blues, purples, reds and browns, he said. He can still see the different hues and tones.

Scott said that as a child he held onto charcoal and pencil media and never painted. So it was a challenge for him to try painting as it is all about working with colors.

Scott began painting regularly about four years ago after a major car accident left him with mental trauma that required an electrical outlet. Even so, he said he would not call himself an artist.

“I never thought I could paint,” said Scott. “I thought color blindness was almost a handicap for me, but if you just believe in yourself and commit to doing something, it’s worth it.”

Because Bob Ross tells the viewer exactly what color to use for certain strokes, Scott can determine which colors to use in a painting.

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Before Scott starts each picture, he watches the episode in full and uses a reference picture when painting.

On Valentine’s Day, Scott sat on the kitchen table in his makeshift studio in his kitchen with brushes, tools, and paint, and two old lint containers filled with water.

Dana Scott from Weymouth is working on it

He started working on the work that Bob Ross paints on Season 1, Episode 6, “Winter Moon”.

Despite a difficult year for himself and others, Scott said it was important to keep searching for good.

“One thing you can learn from Bob Ross is that there is beauty in everything,” said Scott. “Even in the most difficult times you can find beauty in something. And for me it was in these paintings – I can find beauty in them too.”

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