WCSU Virtual Art Workshop series during April features watercolor painting and printmaking

The Western Connecticut State University Art Institute will introduce painter Abbie Rabinowitz, who offers a creative online experience for guests of all artistic levels in her Intuitive Watercolor program, which will be broadcast live from 3pm to 5pm Friday April 9th as part of the Department’s Spring Semester Virtual Art Workshop Series.

Rabinowitz, a 2015 Master of Fine Arts graduate from WCSU, will focus on experimentation and abstraction, introducing participants to a variety of watercolor painting techniques, including wet-on-wet applications, overlaying, and creating various textures. She will receive a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and begin the session with a guided meditation and gentle breath work to promote balance and prepare for creative expansion and devotion.

Rabinowitz will lead the online workshop from the Big Island of Hawaii, where she now lives and continues her career as a painter, educator and director of art retreats. The subjects of her artistic work include open-air landscapes, figure drawings and portraits, as well as abstract images. As an MFA thesis project at WCSU, she created an emotionally stimulating series of portraits of her older parents.

The public is invited to pre-register for Intuitive Watercolor for a general entry price of $ 25 by accessing the Eventbrite workshop website here. Registrants will receive the Zoom invitation link to participate online, as well as a list of the low-cost materials required to fully participate in the artistic experience.

“With watercolor, we can explore the use of control and at the same time question our ability to let go,” Rabinowitz stated. She noted that students are encouraged to experiment with materials and that parents are encouraged to include their children in the workshop.

The WCSU Virtual Art Workshop series continues Sunday April 18th When the graphic artist Karin Mansberg runs the online program “Potato Print: Printed Mandala”, which is broadcast live from 1pm to 3pm, the workshop will focus on the process and experimentation with patterns and colors, with markings in circles, semicircles or more complex shapes to create prints in mandala and other patterns on paper or fabric.

Mansberg, who holds a Master of Fine Arts in illustration from WCSU, has taught courses in printmaking and other artistic disciplines for students, adults, and children, with a particular focus on block printing. She has participated in two solo and 20 group shows in Connecticut and North Carolina. She has worked with small business, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit clients on a variety of creative projects, including banners, logo designs, art stamps, book illustrations, murals, and art direction. She has created surface pattern designs for private customers and has sold bespoke fabric, gift wrapping and wallpaper products in her Spoonflower online shop, BlockprintedArt.

“My artistic style has evolved over the decades through personal art practice and academic training,” stated Mansberg in the biographical notes on her website. “The balance between the left and right sides of my brain is what makes me happiest, and printing involves both control and surprise. I enjoy the precision of the design process and also the playfulness of the printing process. “

The public is encouraged to pre-register for a general admission fee of $ 25 by accessing the Eventbrite website for the workshop here. Registrants will receive the Zoom invitation link to participate online and the list of workshop materials. Parents are welcome to include their children in the artistic experience.

The series ends on Friday April 23rd with the workshop “Out the Window: Amaryllis Cityscape” under the direction of the painter Jess Bartlet, BFA graduate from Eastern Michigan University and MFA graduate from WCSU, who has been exhibiting her work in New York since 2010 as a member of the First Street Gallery The Class , which will be broadcast live from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., introduces students of all skill levels to various aspects of the watercolor painting technique. Specific emphases include different approaches to depicting organic and inorganic shapes, nuances of creating three-dimensional images in two-dimensional drawings, and a whimsical method of using watercolors to suggest buildings.

“This class focuses on making beautiful watercolor paintings that are easy to create, with the added benefit of providing valuable lessons on engineering, color theory, and women in art history,” noted Bartlet.

Pre-registering for a general admission fee of $ 25 will give you access to the Zoom invitation link and a copy of a sketchbook-scale drawing for use in the workshop exercise, as well as a detailed list of materials required. Registrations can be made using the link to the Eventbrite website for the workshop here

For more information, please contact Lori Robeau of the Department of Art at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Sherri Hill from the Office of University Relations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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