Watercolor Painting: Tips For Beginners, Products You Need

Some have picked up puzzles, others have developed bread-making obsessions, and many have recently relied on Netflix to spend the extension at home. While I’ve certainly done my part in binge watching in the last few months (Unsure? Check. Outer banks? Check. I have never? Check.), My main activity when I need a break from the screen has been watercolor painting. It’s a hobby I’ve had here and there since college, and rediscovering my pad of paper, typesetting, and brushes has been an absolute lifesaver in these uncertain times.

As soon as I dip a brush in water, swirl it around in one of the dried colors and drag it over a blank page, any tension is instantly released. I let my mind wander – far from petty Twitter feuds, discouraging news, and fleeting TikTok trends – and focus on letting the creative juices flow freely. Yes, it’s as comforting as it sounds – a real ointment for my dwindling sanity.

I’m here to advocate the inclusion of watercolors should anyone out there need a break from smelly sourdough starters and Sex and the City Repetitions.

Now I’m in no way, shape, or shape a watercolor professional. I’ve never bothered to research the technical jargon and a lot of my images are basic at best. But for me it’s about closing myself off from outside distractions, focusing on the beauty and depth of the colors and creating something that is unique to me. I’m here to share the joys of nostalgic pastime and to advocate including watercolors in case anyone out there needs a break from smelly sourdough starters or Sex and the City Repetitions. Read on for my beginner-friendly tips, favorite products, and more.

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