VRSim Launches New Virtual Reality Tool For Faster, More Effective Commercial Painting

“SimSpray 3.0 is the next evolution in virtual skills training. Through intense learning, instant feedback and performance analysis, students can train more efficiently than real-world training cannot,” he said Matthew Wallace, CEO and President of VRSim. “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers and the industry this solution as the most advanced training simulation that we have ever carried out.”

As the leading training tool for the paint and coatings industry, SimSpray uses virtual reality to create engaging and educational simulations. The VR experience improves the learning process with tools that increase training productivity, as well as instant feedback and analysis not available in typical training scenarios. SimSpray tools and feedback include easy-to-understand performance reports, live scoring, and kinesthetic cues. This state-of-the-art tool enables trainers and trainees to practice, analyze key metrics, diagnose errors and improve their skills in a single training session. SimSpray acts as a strength multiplier for training by breaking down the training experience into precise, repeatable exercises with aggressive feedback and intuitive performance insights.

“SimSpray is the most effective tool out there. So we’re excited to implement the latest version, SimSpray 3.0. Our trainers have used SimSpray to recruit and train the next generation of the International Union of Painters and Allied Craftsmen (IUPAT) . ” Trainee since 2009 “, says Anton Ruesing, Director of the International Finishing Trades Institute (IFTI).

Mike Komaromi, Trainer for the Finishing Trades Institute in southern New England, looks forward to using SimSpray 3.0 in his Connecticut Facilities. “SimSpray is a valuable tool that our trainees can use to start studying on day one. The paint looks and feels real. The new design of the system makes SimSpray a more powerful and user-friendly tool for us.”

SimSpray 3.0 features:

  • The premium HTC VIVE Pro HMD with lifelike, precise tracking and a large training room to support the virtualization of larger parts and training rooms
  • Visual updates for paint jobs and defects for a more realistic paint job and improved immersion
  • Redesigned user experience with intuitive functions and optimized device setup
  • Weighted spray gun for added realism and kinesthetic training with the same functional nozzle, trigger, and dials as previous spray gun versions
  • More user control options, including in-sim controls, to give trainees better access to project controls and analysis without removing the HMD
  • Customizable return on investment reports for clear, personalized time and cost savings

VR training offers safe, inexpensive training options for time-consuming, high-risk, or cost-intensive experiences. SimSpray’s ease of use and minimal setup requirements make it easy to capitalize on VRSim’s research, knowledge, and experience with innovative technology by providing rapid deployment, mobility, and accessibility. SimSpray is the most efficient virtual reality training tool for painters and coaters and offers numerous advantages for international educational and industrial organizations. VRSim was first released in 2011 and continues to improve SimSpray with additional processes, parts, training content, and software and hardware updates.

For more information on SimSpray products and training features, please visit: https://www.simspray.net/

About VRSim:
VRSim is an architect of interactive training tools for craftsmen. VRSim is relaunching industrial tools for craftsman training, including welding, spray painting, engineering, manufacturing and robotics. VRSim’s products are used in high school and college education and training programs, vocational training programs, human resource development initiatives, and global leaders including The Boeing Company, the American Honda Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Caterpillar, Daimler, and Saint Gobain’s International Union Painters and Allied Craftsmen (IUPAT), the US Department of Defense and the US Navy. Further information can be found at https://vrsim.com/.


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