Video Shows Suffering, Panting Animals at Sportsmen’s Club

PETA offers to find new homes for suffering animals and urges the government to investigate after affected citizens blow the whistle

For immediate publication:
29th July 2019

David Perle 202-483-7382

Millmont, Pa. – With photos, video and reports from concerned citizens about animals in urgent need of veterinary attention at the Union County Sportsmen’s Club, PETA has made an offer to help the club move all animals to reputable animal care facilities there. PETA has also sent an urgent letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking them to investigate and ensure the animals are taken care of immediately.

One of the animals in the facility is Dillan, a morbidly obese Asian black bear who is tied to a cage with a concrete floor – which itself can lead to serious physical illness – and who engages in stereotypical rocking behavior, a sign of extreme psychological stress. He appears to suffer from numerous painful dental problems, including multiple missing or broken teeth, advanced gums and dental diseases, and highly exposed tooth roots. In addition, an overweight raccoon was seen panting and appeared to be suffering from heat stress, a bobcat was obese, and a quail’s head was missing feathers. Excessive fecal matter and algae formed on the walls and floors of many cages.

“This bear suffers every day from having to forego emergency dental surgery because of its broken, exposed teeth,” said Brittany Peet, director of the PETA Foundation for Law Enforcement of Captive Animals. “PETA urges the Union County Sportsmen’s Club to close its menagerie and move the animals to reputable facilities where they can get the care they desperately need.”

The USDA has repeatedly cited the club for violating federal animal welfare law, including not providing Dillan with adequate veterinary care for a broken tooth, not addressing his abnormal rocking behavior, and forcing him to live on a concrete slab – the same issues that were recorded in the video footage of the eyewitnesses. Other previous violations included a failure to adequately feed the animals – which resulted in the death of five calves – and the accumulation of such a large amount of feces in Dillan’s enclosure that he could not move without touching it.

PETA – whose motto is in part: “Animals are not ours, we use them for entertainment” – contradicts speciesism, which is a human supremacist worldview. For more information, please visit

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