Unwind and Create From the Comfort of Home with Painting with a Twist’s ‘Twist at Home Kits’

THE WOODLANDS, TX – “Painting with a Twist has always been a place where people can relieve stress, have a good time, take a moment to escape two or three hours while they were working on a painting and the Let the world melt away, “said Algy Irvin, painter at Twist.

“With COVID, we wanted to convey this feeling of peace to our community by giving them the opportunity to do so from home.”

Painting with a Twist With the “Twist at Home Kits” community members can create works of art from the safety of their own home. Whether you have a moment to yourself, planning a date night, or want to turn it into an event for the whole family, Twisting at home is a great way to slip into that fanciful mode where worries seem to fade away.

What’s in a Twist at Home Kit?
Everything you need to create your own masterpiece can be found in your Twist at Home kit, including:
• 16×20 screen
• Brush
• Colour
• Step-by-step written instructions
• Video instructions, if applicable

What additional supplies do I need?
In addition to the supplies that you can find in your kit, you’ll also want to:
• Apron (or old clothes!)
• tablecloth
• Cup for water
• paper towels

Which images are offered in the Twist at Home kit?
Several adult and kid-friendly paintings are available for Twist at Home. Check the event listings page for all of the options available! They will continue to be added to the list every week!

How can I get my Twist at Home Kit?
They currently offer their Twist at Home kits for roadside collection at their studio and for delivery to the location. Check their event listings for more details!

Click to view the Events page. Decide what date you’d like to shoot at home, then see what images are available for that day.

My personal snack
I had the opportunity to film at home and I found it so much fun! When the weather was nice, I could paint outside, which was a big advantage for me. When I saw that this was my first time twisting, I was a little nervous to begin with. However, that feeling of discomfort immediately disappeared when I hit play on the instructional video.

The video opened with a sweetly smiling coworker named Jillian who took me through a breathing exercise to transform my mind from the energy of a busy day into a more grounded headspace. She showed me how to mix colors to get the perfect shade, which brush to use and when to clean it, what strokes to make and how to fill them in. Her constant affirmation that I couldn’t mess anything gave up I have the confidence to really try, as if I were a visionary creating an original piece on a whim.

After the first layer was done, the painting took about ten to fifteen minutes to dry before I could continue. Jillian led me through a mini chair yoga session that included stretches to relax the mind and body.

I was happy with the result of my painting, but most of all I was grateful for the experience. It gave me a moment to really be present. In these times, that feeling is priceless.

Visit www.paintingwithatwist.com/studio/woodlands/ or call the studio at (281) 465-4995 for more information!

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