Ugg’s New Face Iman On Discovering Her Love For Painting And Why NYC Is As Resilient As Ever

If you had any doubts about Ugg becoming the shoe of the year 2021, you should be excited about the latest campaign starring legendary supermodel Iman. The fashion force looks like a chic vision to stay at home. She wears the brand’s indispensable (and model-approved!) Mini boot as well as the classic and cozy Coquette style.

Iman joins the likes of Andre Leon Talley and Dennis Rodman who were recently featured in the new FEEL campaigns. The 65-year-old muse spoke to the brand about how she feels about the current situation. Although she was a little concerned as a result of the pandemic, she notes that she had some relaxing time outdoors thanks to her country house vacation. And she also gives in to her creative side!



“During the COVID, home felt really safe because it introduced me to painting,” she said. “My husband was a painter. My daughter is a painter. I have never painted in my life. So just because I ran out of things I started painting and lo and behold, I just enjoy doing it. I started with charcoal – that’s what I really focused on, the simplicity of the lines. Then I went into oil painting. One thing I’ve learned from this is that I don’t have to be good at something to start something. I just don’t have to be critical of myself and just choose to do it. “

Iman added that she is hopeful that NYC, which she has been calling home on since 1975, will return to its bustling, bustling, and brilliant self.

“I love New York,” she said. “It’s a changed city – resilient, but it has changed. It is sad to see that many small businesses are out of business. It just reminded me of September 11th – when it happened the city felt heavy. But I know that we are resilient. We will make it. “

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