Two Patiala art students contribute painting to the farmer movement at Singhu border-ANI

By Sahil Pandey
Singhu border (Punjab) [India]December 21 (ANI): To express their contradiction and to show support to the farmers, two artists from Patiala on the border with Singhu are painting, where the farmers are protesting against the three new agricultural laws.
“We are art students and with our art we have made a contribution to the movement. It is not just an agitation of the farmers, but also a movement of the workers. We paint the farmers’ wagons with ‘Jai jawan Jai kisan’, but when the farmer doesn’t Then how will we survive? It is important to contribute to this movement through our art, “Patiala-based art student Gurdeep Singh told ANI.
Speaking about the role of art in ongoing agitation, Gurdeep said, “There has been a lot of agitation in history and art has contributed to it too. We came back two days ago and tried to paint the pain of the peasants through our art We’re also painting a 25-foot painting that will be on display on the main stage. Any farmer who sees this painting can relate to the man in the picture. “
Repeating the similar sentiment, his fellow painter Ravi Ravraj also spoke about his painting describing the relationship between the farmer and his harvest, saying, “We are gifted with the talent of painting, so let’s try it for the message kanaka di Lori to use that shows the love between farmer and harvest just like father and son. “
The duo are also making a large painting depicting the struggles of peasants and workers.
“We don’t want to go home now and we want to be here until the protest continues,” added Ravraj. (ANI)

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