Turns Out, A Jar of Vaseline Is the Trick To Painting Your Nails Perfectly Every Time


I am ending these 5 bad habits and have long, strong, healthy nails

For many of us, a manicure is one of life’s little joys. But with the pandemic that threw a wrench on our previous weekly salon appointments, we’re on our own as far as our nails are concerned. There are so many great long lasting nail polish collections out there and tons of ingenious DIY tools to get a professional finish at home, but recently I realized that some of the nail care techniques I had followed weren’t giving my nails the very best. to become long, strong and healthy. Add nervous picking and biting to the mix thanks to COVID-induced stress and anxiety, and my nails looked significantly worse while wearing them. In order to breathe life into my weak nails, I decided to turn things upside down. Read on to uncover the most common nail defects – and the simple adjustments I’ve made to achieve my best nails yet. At Refinery29 we’re ‘everything from investing in a quality nail file to using a base coat under nail polish. They are here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of things. All of our market picks are selected and curated independently by the editorial team. When you buy something that we link to on our website, Refinery29 can earn a commission. Multipack nail files are such good value for money, but some of them can be weak and sandpaper-like, which causes my nails to stick to the tip. Since investing in a glass or crystal nail file, my nails haven’t broken or stuck a single time, and the speed at which they are filed is impressive. I use the Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File, which comes in a protective sleeve. Nail Tek’s Crystal Nail File is another brilliant, highly rated option. One top tip that all nail artists swear by for healthy nails is not to file back and forth, but to file slowly in one direction to keep your nails intact. Nail Tek Crystal Nail File with Fuchsia Case, $, available from Ulta Beauty Using a Base Coat Before Nail Polish If you regularly skip a base coat before painting your nails, this is something you should think about. A good basecoat not only acts like a Velcro fastener for nail polish that you apply on top, encouraging it to last longer, but also protects your nails from the stains that can often appear when you use a darker polish. Stained nails can take on the color of your chosen shade and even appear yellow over time – not great if you’re looking to try the nude or sheer nail trend. I love nails inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat that treats nails for protection. Since I promised not to skip the base coat (and also put on a top coat), my nails are far less chipped than usual so I don’t pick up my polish. Which well leads us to the next bad habit … Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat, $, available from SephoraNot Picking Off Nail PolishWhen choosing your nail polish, you risk peeling off a layer of your actual nail with it. The immediate results are blotchy, rough, and flaky nails. Over time, you could weaken your nails, which may explain why they often feel soft or pliable after a pimple. If you spot a chip there are two options: fill it in with the same shade to lengthen your manicure, or take it off with a gentle nail polish remover. The latter is a chore for me, but I like nail polish remover pots that dissolve the varnish with a quick twist. The acetone-free version of Olive & June (more on that later) is a cult hit that is very gentle on nails and surrounding skin. Olive & June Mani Polish Remover Pot, $, available at Olive & JuneBe Kind To Your CuticlesPicking your cuticles is supposed to affect your nail bed and the way your nails grow, especially if the skin around your nail becomes inflamed. As a self-confessed cuticle picker (often up to painful wounds) I have always asked myself why my nails were bumpy and ridged. Ever since checking myself and my nervous habit, I’ve noticed my nails grow through more gently. One thing that helps is making sure my hands and nails are hydrated. I keep a bottle of cuticle oil, like CND SolarOil, on my bedside table and rub it into my cuticles and nails to remove ragged areas of skin (that I would otherwise pluck) before bed every night. Applying hand cream immediately after washing your hands will also help. I choose products that absorb instantly and don’t leave greasy marks on my phone or keyboard, like CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream or Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Hand Cream.CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Care, $, available at AmazonSwitch Acetone-Free Remover Nail polish removers that contain acetone cut through the polish at record speed. I think they are great and will always have one in my kit, but if I change my nail polish color often I switch with something free of acetone so I don’t dry out my nails and cause cracks. Acetone-free formulas may take a little longer to remove the polish, but they do your nails a lot of good in the long run. Try the expert-approved OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover. OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, $, available at OPILike, what do you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? A Nail Pro On Whether You Should Cut Your Cuticles I tried 5 home gel nail kits and the cheapest, why you should never pick up your gel nail polish

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