Tom Green Slams Jimmy Kimmel for Stealing House Painting Bit

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Tom GreenIt’s not a laughing mood about a Jimmy Kimmel Prank for doing the same thing years ago … and getting ripped off without a scream.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram media.

The comedian just shared a salty video on his Instagram and screwed Kimmel for stealing his decade-old piece, painting his parents’ house while they are out of town … except that Jimmy’s target was his aunt .

When Tom sarcastically asks: “I wonder where you got this idea from ?!”

Green accuses Jimmy of ripping him off and calls him a joke thief. He seems pretty upset about TV shows where he brushes through his old ideas and uses them as their own.

He doesn’t list any other examples, but it sure looks like he has a pretty strong case here. Of course, Jimmy actually played that prank on his aunt in 2010 … he just shared it again for #throwbackthursday.

Even so, Tom points out that stand-up comics are caught stealing jokes, crucified … and he’s upset that Kimmel is apparently getting a passport.

The good news – for Jimmy – is that Tom says he’s a fan and offers Kimmel a way to make it up to you … just give him some fucking honor.

Or if he really wants to get it right … maybe Jimmy Tom can put his butt on his lips.

We reached out to Kimmel representatives and they had no comment.

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