Tiffany Haddish’s First Painting Will Be Heading to Auction

What role did we never think Tiffany Haddish would take on? A painter. However, when the opportunity arose to support a cause she is passionate about, Haddish voluntarily stepped out of her comfort zone. The Grammy-winning actress recently teamed up with Painting with the Stars, a fundraiser that raises money to give disadvantaged youth access to art by auctioning off paintings created by high-profile people.

Haddish’s finished piece will be auctioned this summer along with other celebrity portraits. A portion of these sales will then be donated to nonprofit downtown arts in Los Angeles, which provide children with a safe and supportive campus to immerse themselves in the art through teacher-led classes and more.

“I remember making handicrafts as a kid and I remember not being able to do it. So I want to be able to make sure that all children have the opportunity to create something.” reads a statement by Haddish on Painting With the Stars. The comedian grew up in an impoverished part of the city and knows what it is like to have limited access to important resources. Not all schools can afford to offer students an arts program.

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If you’re wondering how much painting experience Haddish has, the answer is zip. Painting with the Stars specifically tests out celebrities with no experience to prove that you don’t need formal art training to create something beautiful. All that is needed are a few simple materials.

Haddish’s painting contains details of flowers and a piano and conveys a lot of passion. TMZ got a little insight into her portrait here. American ninja warrior star Maggie Thorne, comedian Ian Salmon and other notable figures have also teamed up with Painting With the Stars. Find out more here.

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