This idyllic, secluded ‘home Sweetwater home’ could have been a model for a Kinkade painting | Business

Around this secluded sanctuary is a screened porch with a ceiling fan, which Filardi describes as “a delightful, calming place to have dinner or just take a nap or read a magazine or book in the summer”.

But that’s not all. Between this porch and the adjacent woodland is a built-in pool with solar panels to gently warm the water, as well as a brand new liner and $ 2,500 winter cover. a cabana with its own refrigerator, sink, dresser, and outdoor shower; a heated mini greenhouse that can be used for both seedlings and outdoor winter storage of plants; A flower shed with shelves and a secondary well pump to supply water to the greenhouse, the cabana sprinkler system and the hoses, and an inviting fireplace for outdoor grilling.

The house itself also contains plenty of additional space that can be used for a variety of leisure and practical activities, including a 1,300-square-foot partially completed basement with a gym, family room, office, workshop, and mechanical room, as well as a Laundry and utility room. The house and property, Filardi said, can also accommodate large gatherings that have been held there in the past and may take place again once the current pandemic is over.

There is also a master bedroom on the first floor, which is equipped with a jacuzzi and shower cubicle, and two further bedrooms on the upper floor, as well as a loft that can be used as a home office. In addition, all rooms had the benefit of individually designed interiors and painting by Filardi’s ex-wife Audrey, who has a degree in art and who says she was “responsible for the beautification of the house”.

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