Thieves warned they won’t be able to sell famous Kiwi painting

An art dealer has issued a strong warning to thieves who stole a painting by CF Goldie in Hamilton.

The colonial portrait painter’s work disappeared between December 27 and January 3 and the police are asking for information.

“Sleep” is a gentle thing and was recorded along with other unique works of art and antiques.

Art director at Webbs Auction House Charles Ninow said the best thing the thieves could do for themselves is to turn in the painting.

He said the work was so recognizable that they would soon find out they couldn’t sell it.

“I urge you to return the work and bring it back to its rightful place and return it to the owners who have taken care of the work and have been its stewards for a decade.”

Ninow said the longer they held on to the painting, the greater the risk that someone would at some point reveal their whereabouts.

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