The Butler’s ‘Snap the Whip’ painting is back home on Wick Avenue

Homer Winslow’s painting was part of a trip to Colorado, Maine, and Texas.

YOUNGSTOWN – The Butler Institute of American Art painting “Snap the Whip” has returned home.

Homer Winslow’s popular painting is back in the Wick Avenue Museum after his trip across the country.

As part of the Natural Forces: Winslow Homer and Frederic Remington exhibition, the painting was exhibited in Colorado, Maine, and Texas.

The painting has returned and has been reinstalled in his home on the wall at Butler’s Cushwa Gallery.

“It was great to share this art masterpiece with the rest of America … but just as wonderful to welcome it home,” said Lou Zona, longtime director and chief curator of The Butler, in a press release.

Joseph G. Butler Jr., the founder of the Butler Institute, bought the painting in 1919, the year the museum opened, because of the sentimental value he felt for associating the painting with his childhood friend, William McKinley.

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