The biggest mistake you can make when painting furniture, according to Frenchic founder

The French color has built a legion of loyal fans who praise its ability to transform tired pieces of furniture. The chalk paint can be used both indoors and outdoors and gives items from the front door to the dining table a completely new look. You may think you know exactly how to paint furniture with the popular color.

But French founder Pamela Gruhn exposed the biggest mistake people make with it – are you guilty?

French color cabinet

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“The biggest mistake people make when using French paint is a lack of preparation!” says Pamela. We can see this is a common faux pas as we are often so keen to start a DIY project over the weekend that we speed up the prep phases.

“It’s so important that you prepare your surfaces before painting and make sure they are 100% clean, dry and free of grease or loose dirt and dust before you begin,” explains Pamela. This is less of a problem when you are painting brand new IKEA furniture. However, Frenchic is widely used in upcycling projects that breathe new life into old furniture.


(Photo credit: French)

There’s nothing worse than noticing an imperfection on a freshly painted surface due to an annoying dirt. While this is the least exciting step, preparation is key. You want to enjoy your completed Upcycle projects for many years to come instead of looking at them and settling on something that you got wrong.

The next time you use Frenchic, remember to slow down and make sure the object is primed and ready to use before picking up the brush.

When it comes to cleaning, French founder Pamela recommends using Frenchic Sugar Soap on rough surfaces like old wooden furniture before you start. “A light sanding could also be beneficial,” she adds. You can find more tips for perfect upcycling furniture in our guide.

painted chair and drawer

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A little bit much goes with French chalk paint, which is one of the many reasons people love it. It’s also creamy and easy to use. However, for the best results, it is also important to use the absolute best brush. “If the brush is not of a high quality, your end result can often be stained and bristles can stick to furniture,” warns Pamela. Frenchic sells some high quality brushes that will give you a nice, smooth finish.

Because if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right, isn’t it?

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