Texas Judge May Face Charges for Painting Over Racist Courthouse Sign

A judge in Texas is under investigation for prosecutors describing an act of vandalism against “historical segregation-era signage,” reports The Dallas Morning News. Ellis County Judge Todd Little finds himself in hot water after a YouTube video appears in which he apparently instructed another man to paint over a court sign that reads “Negro,” a mark local authorities said received stay and stay in the courthouse as a reminder of the past. The sign in the basement of the Ellis County Courthouse was controversial in November after the only black candidate who was elected to a county-level position that year was given an office near the sign, forcing him to use it on anyone Day to watch.

That officer, Constable Curtis Polk Jr., called it a “shame” to have to work near the sign. Little, who said at the time that the sign had been preserved so that the “evil” of segregation would never occur again, gave Polk a new position and, according to the prosecutor, had the sign painted over a short time later. One video of the incident is “prominently heard and seen” as he “encourages and instructs” another man to spray paint over the sign while simultaneously urging two sheriff MPs to “resign and take no action”, outgoing prosecutor Patrick M. Wilson wrote on a court case. Instead of forcing local authorities to reconsider the sign’s location in the courthouse, the incident only caused the Ellis County Attorney’s Office to bill Little and keep the sign. It is expected to be restored, with authorities classing its destruction not as an act of protest but as an act of vandalism, causing about $ 750 in damage. Possible charges that could be brought include criminal mischief; reckless harm or destruction; and graffiti with a public monument.

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