Teri Perry donates Alfred Jacob Miller painting to Shelburne Museum

Alfred Jacob Miller’s Caravan Departure at Sunrise is the latest addition to the Shelburne Museum’s Western Art Collection, donated late last year by Teri Perry, wife of the late Burlington restaurateur Tony Perry.

Miller’s painting captures a moment from an 1837 expedition across the Great Plains of America to the Rocky Mountains, led by Scottish nobleman William Drummond Stewart, who had traveled to Wyoming for today’s meeting of a fur trader in the Green River Valley.

The American West, which Miller depicts in his little painting, has long captivated the imagination of the country – a kind of Eden with innumerable herds of buffalo and nomadic Native Americans who live unhindered on the mountains and plains of a vast wilderness.

Teri Perry said her husband was one of the most fascinated by the West, and over the years the couple has collected more than 300 Western paintings and other works of art that are now on display in the house they bought after selling their chain outside of Vail, Colorado, had been built by restaurants in Vermont and the surrounding states.

Perry said she believed the Miller painting was in the Shelburne Museum.

“I think it’s a wonderful painting and I’m really excited to have it shown to people who come in there as part of their collection,” said Perry. “It’s a beautiful piece, a very informative piece. It’s an era and a thought-provoking statement. That’s why I liked it so much.”

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