Teacher earns top marks for brilliant Nuno painting

Art teacher Stuart Mayor kindly donated his painting to raise money for the Wolverhampton Wanderers Feed Our Pack initiative

The students at Smestow School in Castlecroft were rightly proud of the artwork that Stuart has now donated to raise money for the Feed Our Pack wolf initiative.

Nuno has also offered to sign the painting before entering a raffle where all proceeds will go to charity. The aim is to reduce the impact of food poverty and provide support to Wolverhampton residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

45-year-old Stuart said he painted the portrait of the wolf legend with the intention of “not only inspiring and honoring his students” [his] Hero, but also to help the local community through the charity “.

He said: “During the lockdown, Premiership football and the arts were two interests that my students and I enjoyed a lot.

“As a lifelong supporter of Wolves, I wanted to give something back not only to my team but also to the local community.

“We’re running a portrait contest at school to encourage young artists to paint other inspiring people.

“I hope my picture inspires you and others to embrace their creativity and help the community.

“It took me eight hours to finish acrylic in my home studio and I hope it will be on public display at some point.

“Nuno offered to sign the painting, which measures roughly three feet, six inches square.”

William Smith, an 11th grade student and fan of the wolves, said, “I think the painting is brilliant.

“I hope Nuno likes it as much as the students in Smestow.”

Headmaster Clive Jones said, “I am delighted that students and staff are working together to help the local community during these challenging times.

“The portrait was very popular with our students.

“Stuart is a fantastic artist and I look forward to working with the Wolves Foundation on more projects.”

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