Southern Nevada Painting Contractor Finds Niche in Allegiant Stadium Project

{The commercial coating application expertise pays off for local contractors who find a unique role in a $ 2 billion project.}

Southern Nevada’s Unforgettable Coatings always felt they had the experience and expertise to work on the $ 2 billion Allegiant Stadium project in Las Vegas. However, those in charge of the company were still a little surprised when they were looked for by Vector Foiltec, the company responsible for installing the stadium’s massive EFTE roof system.

The roof system contractor needed expertise in specialty coatings or someone who understood the intricacies of applying a two-part epoxy coating to the stadium roof welds, studs and support plates. These important coatings are needed to prevent corrosion on areas of the roof frame.

“When they called, we had several discussions and were able to show what support we can offer for this important project. It meant a lot to us to look for something that would be such a big part of our community, ”said Terel Coomes, general manager for the construction of Unforgettable Coatings.

Unforgettable Coatings were contracted to paint thousands of bolts roughly three inches in diameter installed in the roof frame, as well as numerous welds and reinforcement panels, with a two-part epoxy. In the course of the work, the Unforgettable Coatings team expanded to include the painting of the structure’s large ventilation hoods.

The coating is carried out with the help of Vector Foiltec’s proprietary work platform, which consists of nets and other supports and allows the crews to move around in different areas of the unfinished roof. Vector Foiltec also needed a team familiar with the specifications for harness and rope access only, like the team at Unforgettable Coatings. All areas are painted in Raiders colors: black, silver and flannel gray, Coomes noted.

“We pride ourselves on our local crews providing a great experience for our customers and we look forward to providing additional support to complete this important project by the summer months,” added Coomes.

The roof structure should be completed by the end of May and the Allegiant Stadium should be ready for the Raiders and UNLV Rebels football games in autumn.


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