Smyrna officer prays for resident at house fire scene painting

‘Woman. Myer’s son was kind enough to paint a picture of this memorable photo and she presented it to Officer Melvin and we are honored to add it to the pictures. ‘

SMYRNA, Ga. – A moment of devastation turned into an opportunity for kindness between a woman who had just lost her home in a fire and a local police officer.

The Smyrna Police Department received a token of appreciation to remember the sweet moment of support.

In a Facebook post, the police said when Shirley Myers lost her home in a fire.

A photo was taken at the crime scene showing black smoke and flames rising from the house. But in the same picture you can see her standing there with Officer Melvin holding hands. The police department said Melvin was praying for Myers at that moment.

“Mrs. Myer’s son was kind enough to draw a picture of this memorable photo and she showed it to Officer Melvin. We are honored to add it to the pictures here in the department,” the Facebook post read.

They shared a picture of the painting in the mail that has now received dozens of shares and comments.

“It was an absolute honor for me to paint this for the Smyrna Police Department, and Officer Melvin in particular,” said Dale Cullen in the comments. “Officer Melvin went out of his way to offer my mother not only help but also comfort. This was just a very small gesture of appreciation for a great achievement.”

“What a beautiful picture,” said a Facebook user. “God bless you, Officer Melvin. Prayers for Mrs. Shirley as she tends to her loss.”

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