Sheffield pervert targeted lone woman on train by “panting with pleasure” while performing sex act

Michael Lovell turned aggressive when he was asked to wear a face mask on duty from London to Sheffield on June 26 last year, prosecutor Laura Marshall said.

His victim, described as a “petite woman,” later saw him get into her car in Market Harborough and rub his penis through his pants.

He patted her shoulder and asked if he could sit down before sitting across from her, exposing himself and doing the act while “gasping with pleasure”.

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“/>Michael Lovell aimed at his victim on a night train from London to Sheffield.Michael Lovell aimed at his victim on a night train from London to Sheffield.

She tried to set the alarm on and he started to apologize, but when he saw the alarm was not working he continued what he was doing.

Lovell was arrested at Leicester train station where he racially insulted a police officer.

His victim felt “very scared” after the incident.

Sheffield Crown Court heard police call the sheltered shelter Lovell lives in on June 19 after threatening an unskilled worker.

He was released on bail on condition that he did not abuse the staff, but police officers were called back when he threatened to stab someone on July 17.

Ten days later, Lovell was drunk at Sheffield train station and arrested on suspicion of being drunk and messy. He kicked one officer in the face, tried to bite another, and spat on police officers in custody.

The court heard that he had 27 previous convictions, “primarily to harass himself thoroughly,” and was detained and made subject to hospital orders.

James Beck mitigated that Lovell had already served five months, but psychiatrists couldn’t suggest an alternative to custody.

Bell House Mews’ 28-year-old Lovell pleaded guilty to criminal offenses such as threatening behavior, indecent exposure and assaulting emergency services.

The recorder Anthony Hawks said to him, “You are clearly a vulnerable and damaged person with a range of intellectual difficulties.

“But you have to understand that if you keep harassing yourself, you will simply be locked up.”

The judge sentenced him to 18 months. A sexual harm prevention order was issued for five years and he will be entered in the sex offender registry for ten years.

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