Shameless season 11 episode 10 sneak peek: The painting problem

When we get into episode 10 of the 11th season of Shameless tomorrow at Showtime, we are particularly shocked: Frank actually orchestrates a robbery properly. He swore he would look after the family, and of course he did so by breaking the law and snapping a huge painting of great value.

Of course, it’s not that the Gallaghers asked him to do it – it’s just something he died and left them to deal with the consequences.

In the new preview below, you can see how some of these characters are doing their best to find out. Lip understands that this isn’t exactly something to hold on to, and they’d better get it off their hands sooner rather than later. With that in mind, it’s a shame he doesn’t have a really good idea how to do exactly that. We know it won’t be easy as there are only so many places to take a valuable stolen work of art with you.

We certainly know one person here who isn’t even remotely interested in helping him and that is Debbie. In this preview, she makes it clear that she won’t be helping Lip with this or with repairs to help him sell the house. While it doesn’t seem like she’s fighting it anymore, that doesn’t mean she’ll openly walk him through the process of selling it. Since he wants to be the main decision maker, she’s not quite ready to help with painting either. The lip is stuck … unless, of course, someone else has a good idea.

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