Sean Panting’s new album is ‘dad rock’ — and he’s proud of it

Sean Panting’s latest record is called The Simple Machines. (Submitted by Sean Panting Music)

Sean Panting is getting older, his children are teenagers, and his life priorities change.

Which, Panting thought, would be great fodder for his new album The Simple Machines.

“There’s absolutely nothing in the world more rock than surviving and continuing to do the things you do for all the other distractions,” explained Panting.

Panting has spent several decades contributing hilarious current songs for CBC Newfoundland and Labrador, performing on stage and on screen, and performing with a range of bands.

Throughout all of this, he has continued to write and record his own original music.

“Every time I write a series of songs, it’s just about the last few years and what life was like up until then,” said Panting.

Minivan life

The Simple Machines features a song Panting wrote about his minivan and another about a friend who had a parent breakdown in the parking lot of a Swiss Chalet restaurant.

“I think, ‘This is the life I live. I would certainly appreciate that I am not alone with someone else going through this,'” he said.

Panting recorded The Simple Machines at home in his basement, played all the instruments himself, and mixed the album on his laptop.

Papa in the basement

He said his children, 12 and 13, are used to their father hanging around the basement with musical instruments.

He added that his kids even listen to his music and give him some valid reviews.

“It [my music] isn’t exactly the kind of thing they’d get into – but they do give it a fuss, “said Panting.

Weekend AM16:10Sean Panting lets dad rock and he’s proud of it

Sean Panting creates rock songs about family life on his new album The Simple Machines 16:10

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