‘Scared, very hot and panting’: Boxes of cats, kittens left in heat outside Cass County Humane Society

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CASS COUNTY, Ind. – Someone dumped three boxes of cats and kittens outside the Cass County Humane Society this week.

The cats were left out in the heat; When the workers opened the boxes, all the cats were “scared, very hot, and panting,” according to the group. The boxes were taped shut, even though someone had poked holes in the sides.

The Cass County Humane Society said most cats are bobtails. The group said it could be a while before most kittens are adopted. Some of the kittens are very young and have no teeth.

“When the kittens are old enough and we make sure they are all healthy, we will start looking for some amazing homes for these cute babies,” the group wrote on a Facebook comment.

Humane society found it was open on Tuesday; Instead of leaving the boxes where it’s cool, everyone who dumped them left them outside in the heat. The workers quickly took them inside to cool off and said they had plenty of food and water.

“If you have any information on who might have done this, please let us know,” the group wrote in a Facebook post. “Animal control has been notified!”


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