Rush captures Blues championship run in Market Street Dream painting

Rick Rush has been creating memorable sports imagery for more than four decades, depicting everything from Super Bowls, World Series Championships, the Olympics, the Kentucky Derby, to sports legends like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Nolan Ryan.

But when he was commissioned to create a painting to commemorate the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, he tried something he had never done in his 40+ years as an artist.

“We wanted the players to see the picture first, so I revealed a painting (for them) that wasn’t finished. You just don’t do that, ”Rush told

Rush had to show the players the project while it was ongoing so they could help him create it. Many of the first-time players to capture the Stanley Cup for the city of St. Louis added a stroke of paint to Rush’s painting.

“During the ride, I began to ponder the idea of ​​how the St. Louis Blues hockey team had put such a stamp on hockey forever,” Rush recalled. “I thought it would be really great if the players had the opportunity to put their stamp on the Stanley Cup (in my picture) just as they put their stamp on hockey. And when I thought so, my friend (and former Blue ) Mike Zuke said to me, ‘You are going to have a group of hockey players come near this painting with a brush?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, if you can handle a hockey stick like that, you can handle a brush. It’s not a big problem.’ “

The end result is “Market Street Dream” – an incredible work of art that not only captures the team’s first championship and some of the amazing moments from the 2019 Stanley Cup Final, but also much of the team’s 52 year history, which spanned up to the historic victory.

Video: Blues Helps Paint Rush’s Market Street Dream Painting

Here are a few amazing details worth mentioning:

Jordan Binnington‘s memorable block save against Joakim Nordstrom in game 7 is in the foreground of the painting. That parade, which came in the third period when the Blues held a 2-0 lead in a competitive game on the road, helped lead the Blues to victory.

Vladimir TarasenkoThe incredible second attempt in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is pictured to Binnington’s left. That goal helped the Blues overcome a 1-0 series deficit to even hit the best-of-7 series with 1-1.

Ryan O’ReillyThe all-round goal in Game 4 beat Bruins goalkeeper Tuukka Rask and gave the Blues a 1-0 lead. Since that goal was scored at the Enterprise Center in the Blues’ first ever Stanley Cup final win in St. Louis, O’Reilly is featured in his Blues home shirt.

– The Stanley Cup appears in the center of Market Street Dream and features brush strokes from the players who helped win the championship. The strokes were added at the Centene Community Ice Center long before the project was completed.

– Home of the blues from 1967 until the team moved to the Enterprise Center in 1994, the iconic St. Louis Arena is depicted behind the image of the players partying on the ice. Rush felt it was important to capture the team’s full story in Market Street Dream, and that dream began in the Old Arena on Oakland Avenue.

– The withdrawn numbers of the blues are visible at the top of the painting. Bobby and Barclay Plager’s numbers were lowered to commemorate the moment Bobby’s number retired in 2017. That night when Bobby’s # 5 was raised, Barclays # 8 was lowered so that both numbers could be raised to the rafters together. “That was one of the best memories I had with Bobby Plager,” said David Keinath, who commissioned Rush to create the painting. “It was so inspiring and my eyes were watering. One day at a meeting (about the painting) I told Bobby to look at the banners and he loved that. His eyes were watering too. “

– The Enterprise Center Scoreboard reflects the final result in Game 7, featuring a picture of Head Coach Craig Berube and Former Captain Alex Pietrangelo, who each played a pivotal role in helping the team win the first title in franchise history help.

– The fans in the painting show the incredible support of a city that waited 52 years for its first championship. Blues Chairman Tom Stillman, President and CEO Chris Zimmerman, Bob Plager, Alexander Steen, Laila, Charles Glenn, Bruce Affleck and many more can be seen in the crowd in Market Street Dream.

“I love putting little symbols in the story that tell the story,” said Rush. “I remember a friend of mine, a collector, said, ‘You know, I was walking down the hall and saw this print that I have from you and for the first time I saw something new that I had never seen before would have.’ That made my heart glow. That’s what I wanted in my piece of blues. The ‘Market Street Dream’ was a big dream, and it was a big dream for many years. The St. Louis Blues brought that dream home to you Market Street and St. Louis. “

Now fans can take home their own print of Rush’s “Market Street Dream”.

A limited number of prints – along with custom border options – are available now available at The proceeds from the prints will benefit Blues for Kids and the Rick Rush Alliance.

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