Runners SHOULD wear a mask to protect others as ‘puffing and panting spreads Covid’

JOGGERS should wear a mask when walking around people to protect them, experts have said.

People who blow away as they pass others are “a danger” and could contribute to the spread of Covid.

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Runners should wear masks, an expert said today


Runners should wear masks, an expert said todayPhoto credit: PA: Press Association

Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Health Sciences in Primary Care at Oxford University, told Good Morning Britain: “There is no doubt the virus is in the air, there is no doubt that if you breathe in you can catch it, and that someone else has it. ” exhaled.

“The exercising jogger – the puffing and panting jogger – you can feel your breath coming, and you can actually feel your breath coming in at times. So there is no doubt that there is a danger.

“40 percent of Covid cases happen when they are caught by people who have no symptoms.

“So you go jogging along, you think you’re fine, and the next day you develop symptoms of Covid, but you actually breathed that Covid into someone you might know, an old lady who walks a dog or something . “”

Masks are mandatory for public transport, shops, cafes, and many other indoor spaces.

Devi Sridhar, Professor of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, suggests that people in busy areas should wear masks but “can remove their mask and walk freely” when staying away from others.

“It really depends on how close they are to you and how hard they are breathing,” she said.

“This can get airborne, so it’s important for runners to think about it. I think where I’m running and I try to watch out for pedestrians as sidewalks are designed for pedestrians in busy areas and on main streets.


“”[When] You’re out in the park, take off your mask and run around freely.

“I think we need some consideration for each other now. We’re in a pandemic and just thinking about how it feels to other people.

“So if you want to cycle in a busy area, wear a mask.”

Prof. Greenhalgh added, “I have a mask here and you can pull it up and down and it takes two seconds.

“So wear it when you’re out jogging on the main street. Take it off when you get to the parks, which I did this morning. It’s not difficult.”

She also claimed the World Health Organization “pulled her feet over wearing masks”.

Last week, health chiefs cracked down on elementary schools telling children five and older that they must wear masks in the classroom.


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Two of the best scholars in the country strongly advise teachers not to make elementary school children cover themselves.

Dr. Susan Hopkins of Public Health England said: “The consensus is very strong on not advising primary school children to wear face covering.

“They can have trouble wearing them and wearing them all day, and being able to see facial expressions is really important to develop their communication and language skills.”

Elementary school children are NOT required to wear face masks in classrooms, say health chiefs after confusion

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