Revival Painting can revive your faith in painting contractors through honesty, professionalism | Local News

“Although we are not blood, we consider ourselves a family business,” said Runkel.

Runkel and Betancourt met while attending McKinley Middle School with the Boy Scouts, and their friendship stayed strong when they attended Case High School before becoming co-entrepreneurs.

But they still run the business with New Age sensibilities. Their Facebook is loaded before and after photos of jobs they have completed, their website is filled with biographies of their painting teams, and they are transparent about the prices: $ 60 per man-hour for their crew of three.

“We’re trying to be everywhere,” said Betancourt. “Our online presence is almost unrivaled in our industry.”

These 23-year-olds not only want to expand their business beyond southeast Wisconsin, they also want to “change the way painters are represented in the industry.”

“Our industry is not known for what we do. We’re not known for customer service or people who stand by their jobs. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories about painters, ”said Betancourt. “We’re not going to get you to spend extra money if we don’t think it fits right.”

A couple of 23-year-olds turned a summer job into a successful business and could become one THE Wisconsin State painter.

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