Ramirez Painting marks 20 years as owner builds legacy for his children

SUISUN CITY – Bulmaro “Junior” Ramirez understands the value of hard work.

It is this understanding – and the desire to build something not just for himself but for his children as well – that led him to start Ramirez Painting in 2000.

“Growing up I learned to work hard with my father in the Suisun Valley,” said Ramirez, the company owner. “I worked as a farm worker in the fields, picking grapes, pears and other fruits. I developed a good work ethic and learned to take responsibility at a young age, which later helped me build my own business. I am the first generation Ramirez Painting business owner and I wish that one day my children will carry on my legacy. “

The novel coronavirus pandemic has affected Ramirez as well as its customers. Throughout it all, he has worked to meet the needs of these customers while ensuring a safe working environment.

“Covid-19 has affected the type of work we do,” he said. “For example, we mainly work on exterior paintwork. We will also be working on empty interior houses and if we are occupied we will take extra precautions with each other and practice social distancing with our customers. My clients have been very careful and wear their face covers when we are around. “

Ramirez said he and his team are following Solano County’s health and safety guidelines, practicing social distancing, washing hands and using hand sanitizer if necessary.

The company grew primarily through word of mouth.

“We have developed good relationships with fellow Solano County business owners,” he said. “We base our relationships on a referral system. If a client needs a referral at some point, I offer my client a serious deal, and the same goes for our painting company. We are confident that our customers are in good hands. “

Ramirez said he focused on the core of his business in order to be successful.

“Our top priority is to provide a detailed, high quality paint job. We strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied and we believe we can get our job done right the first time, ”said Ramirez. “My advice to future entrepreneurs is to set goals in life and keep moving forward. Keep working hard, striving for the best and don’t give up on your dreams. “

Ramirez painting

• Address: 502 Bella Vista Drive, Suisun City
• Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm
• Phone: 450-8360
• Email: [email protected]

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