Previously hidden Van Gogh painting sells for $15 million

It’s Van Goghing … going … gone!

For a cool $ 15.4 million, a newly excavated Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece that was hidden by a French family for more than 100 years now has a new home.

The expensive painting, entitled “A Street Scene in Montmartre”, was sold in Paris on Thursday during an auction.

There were exorbitantly high telephone and online bids from art lovers in the French capital, as well as in New York and Hong Kong.

Although Van Gogh’s newly exhumed Tour de Force cost a little more than $ 15 million, it initially achieved an incredible hammer offer of $ 16.47 million.

However, auction house Sotheby’s had an unspecified flaw in their online bidding system that forced sellers to retry the sale at the end of the event. The final – albeit lower – bid was accepted.

Van Goghs Van Gogh’s “A Street Scene in Montmartre” was auctioned for more than $ 15 million. REUTERS

“A street scene in Montmartre” – originally created in 1887 when the well-known Dutch artist was visiting his brother Theo in Paris – shows a couple walking arm in arm at a windmill in front of a dilapidated house in the hilly village on the northern outskirts of the city.

It is part of a series by Van Gogh that produces scenes in Montmartre, which is now dominated by the Sacré Coeur Church.

“Paintings from the Montmartre series are rare,” Aurelie Vandevoorde, Sotheby’s director of impressionism and modern art in Paris, told AFP ahead of the auction this week.

“It is very likely that private buyers, the great Van Gogh collectors around the world, and probably institutions too, will arouse great interest.”

The portrait was hidden in the private collection of an unnamed French family for over a century; However, it is unclear why the collectors chose to post it on the auction block now.

No information about the buyer is available yet.

As early as 2017, Van Gogh’s “Laborer in a Field” from 1889 cost 81 million US dollars for a sale in New York.

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