Power Couple Brings Color World House Painting Franchise to Omaha

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It was love at first sight for Throwback Millennials Kalie Shuster and Zach Beutler

July 15, 2019 // Franchising.com // Omaha, NE – Color World, a leading home painting franchise based in the Midwest, is proud to expand its reach to Omaha, NE. Two millennial franchise development professionals are leading the indictment with the aim of becoming the top painting business in the region.

Kalie Shuster and Zach Beutler, who are engaged to get married on August 3, 2019, founded the Omaha location for Color World on May 1, 2019 to revolutionize the painting industry. Shuster believes the idea of ​​giving a house a new look has lost its luster, which she hopes to bring back to the industry.

“I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t know how glamorous and exciting painting can be,” says Shuster. “I want to make painting houses and adding new changes to your home as fun and exciting as highlights, haircuts, or salons.”

Color World has proudly served its customers since 1997 and looks forward to expanding its reach even further. The unique painting company is proud to offer Omaha much more than just fresh coats for the home. Color World of Omaha’s range of services also includes gutter installation, power laundry, commercial painting, holiday lighting and even minor drywall and carpentry work.

With this new business, Shuster and Beutler have established themselves as Omaha’s newest power couple. They share a love story born from a shared passion for franchising and farming.

The two met while running franchise businesses for a national food franchise. It wasn’t long before Zach took a giant leap into Omaha to take on the position of Vice President of Franchise Development at Franchise Fastlane, a leading national turnkey franchise sales organization (FSO). Kalie soon followed suit and joined Zach to form a dynamic duo that helped Franchise Fastlane quickly become one of the most trusted and respected suppliers in the franchise space (in fact, Ryan Zink, CEO of Franchise Fastlane, recently named one of Omaha The Faces of 2019 Magazine by Omaha).

Recently, the two decided it was time to take the advice they are giving so many other aspiring business owners – and take control of their future over franchise owners. The two saw Color World as an excellent opportunity to do just that while providing much-needed service to the Omaha community.

“We see it as something that is not only banned into the spring and summer months,” says Beutler. “The company is not a product, it is a service.”

The relationship between Beutler and Shuster extends far beyond the business world. The couple plan their upcoming wedding in a rustic, red barn in Omaha for a country party that caters to both friends and franchise families. They also recently bought an old farm that was destroyed and was working overtime to restore it to its original state. You put that effort into honoring the original owners and showing their future children what is possible when you make a commitment.

This devotion to blue collar values ​​and easier times defines this relapse pair.

“We really care about old school values,” Shuster says. “We want to bring back the glamor of painting and restore family traditions. It’s about so much more than a paint job, it’s about building a house. This is the most important thing to us in our lives too, and I think we prove it in everything we do. “

Color World started its franchise initiative in 2016 and quickly expanded to 7 new locations. The Omaha, NE location is currently open and plans to expand into the Lincoln, NE area in the future.

For more information on Color World, visit https://www.colorworldhousepainting.com/.

About Color World

Color World is a unique painting company with a history of painting houses since 1997. The company strives to provide quality service that is clean, on time, and on budget. The company offers the services of five different companies under one roof. In addition to home painting, customers can take advantage of commercial painting, power washing, gutter installation, Christmas lighting, smaller drywall and carpentry jobs, and much more. With its service-oriented business model and steady growth, Color World is growing rapidly throughout the Midwest.

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