Portland House Painters for Interiors and Exteriors by Community Residential Painting – Press Release

Community Residential Painting provides quality painting services to homeowners in Beaverton and Hillsboro, OR. Experienced painters carry out the painting in order to fulfill the expected protective and aesthetic functions.

According to announcements from Community Residential Painting and Joseph Mayer & Shah Smith, Portland house painters are supplying premium interior and exterior paintwork from this store. This company is one of the favorite painters in Beaverton and Hillsboro, OR, for painting interiors and exteriors.

This is a company that knows its job. Community residential painters get the little things right; This care in following the correct process results in an excellent finish. Properly cutting lines, taping areas in the right places to prevent overmolding, and caulking where needed for an even finish are just a few of the steps that are taken.

The company grants a 5-year repair guarantee on all paintwork. Customers can call Community Residential Painting during this time to correct fading colors, unpainted areas, and such issues.

Community Residential Painting carries out exterior painting with the same care as interior painting. Its pressure washes the surfaces, scratches, grinds the surface, caulked the seams and covers areas that don’t need painting. This ensures efficient painting with clear lines and minimal overspray. A 5-year repair guarantee also applies to this order.

Community Residential Painting painters have combined professional experience of more than two decades. They have an impressive portfolio of work in the Portland metropolitan area to share with interested clients.

Please visit https://www.communityresidentialpainting.com/ for more information.

Joseph Mayer & Shah Smith of Community Residential Painting said, “Here at Community Residential Painting we strive to be the best painting company in Beaverton and Hillsboro. Our company was founded with a vision to provide high quality painting service at an affordable price to homeowners in our community. We source all of our paints from Sherwin Williams to ensure we are using the highest quality paint available. Of course we will go with a different brand if the homeowner chooses to do so upon request.

We believe that excellent painting service comes from a company whose core is passion for painting. That’s why we founded this company. Our painters are enthusiastic about painting and have many years of experience. Painting is our craft and everything we do. That is why we are the painter you should choose when doing any work on your home. We offer all kinds of services from exterior painting to interior painting to touch up work, color advice and much more. “

Commenting on the color consultation services offered by the company, Mayer and Smith said, “All paint projects start with choosing the right color for your home. We always work with the homeowner if they need help choosing the colors. With our wide range of colors, we will find exactly the color preference you are looking for. We work exclusively with Sherwin Williams to ensure a large selection and the highest paint quality. “

About the company:

Community Residential Painting is a reliable painting business for the Portland metropolitan area. It offers interior and exterior painting work with a 5-year guarantee for repairs. The services are provided professionally by a courteous team. Customers can rest assured that paint jobs will be completed on time with minimal disruption to their routine.

Media contact
Name of the company: Community home painting
Interlocutor: Joseph Mayer and Shah Smith
E-mail: Send e-mail
Phone: 503-506-4232
Address:10350 SW Crestwood Ct
City: Beaverton
Status: OR 97008
Country: United States
Website: https://www.communityresidentialpainting.com/

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