Police Save ‘Panting’ Puppy Stuffed In Car Trunk, ‘Smiling’ Owners Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Florida police arrested two “smiling” owners after witnesses saw a man beat the “panting” puppy and lock him in her trunk before going shopping for more than 30 minutes.

Panama City Police officers had to break a four-door window in the back seat of a limousine in a parking lot and rescue the puppy, who was locked in a tiny kennel in the trunk. Police went to Facebook to thank several good Samaritans for reporting an animal cruelty incident in the Panama City Mall on Sunday. Given the mid-1980s temperatures, officers said they could “hear the puppy gasping in the trunk” when they arrived at the scene, according to the arrest report.

Florida police arrested two “smiling” owners after witnesses saw a man beat the “panting” puppy and lock him in her trunk before going shopping for more than 30 minutes.
Kylee Underwood | Facebook

30-year-old Maurice Sanders and 30-year-old Keshanna Thompson from Canton, Mississippi, were arrested and charged with serious animal cruelty. This is evident from affidavits from the Daytona News-Journal. Both were held in Bay County Jail after appearing Monday on a $ 10,000 bond issue. Police said they received a call from witness Kylee Underwood on Sunday lunchtime who posted photos of the incident on social media and later identified the alleged dog perpetrator as Sanders with the police.

Officers responding said they could hear the puppy, described as a brown mongrel, whining inside and that the dog had been thrown into the small trunk at least 30 minutes beforehand. After failing to immediately find the dog’s owners at the Dillard’s department store, they broke through the back window of the car and pulled down the back seat to rescue the overheated puppy. Officers wrote that the trunk was filled with bags and was “extremely hot” on a day when the weather reports showed a heat index of more than 90 degrees.

The officers released the puppy from the “obviously too small” kennel in the trunk and provided the panting dog with water. Officers wrote that the puppy was “obviously overheated”.

Underwood wrote on her Facebook page that she and several others “noticed a guy grabbing a puppy by the neck and throwing him in the trunk of his car while he and his family were just going to the mall !!!” She continued, “We and a few other people saw him do it and he just stared at us! As soon as he left the cops were called. PCPD showed up and did their job !!! They broke the window on the rental car (they were visiting from Mississippi) and had to pull down the back seat to get to the trunk. “

Panama City police officers confronted the Mississippi couple, and Sanders reportedly smiled at them as he admitted he put the dog in the trunk to avoid urinating or defecating inside the car. Bay County Animal Control picked up the puppy and took the dog to a veterinarian. The puppy was given a medical evaluation late Sunday, but vets said the animal was still suffering from a heat-related fever during an exam.

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Maurice Sanders (30) and Keshanna Thompson (30), both from Canton, were charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a crime.
Panama City Police

Several previous Facebook posts on the Panama City Police Department’s official website warned against “never leaving anyone in a parked car” during such stifling heat. The department wrote on Facebook on Sunday: “Thank you very much to the citizens who made us aware of the mistreatment of this puppy. Our officers were able to rescue her from the trunk of a car. Their owners were charged accordingly.”

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