Pierce Brosnan Earplugs painting: How it became the art you need in your home

Why are you showing me this

They are sold in a limited edition of 100 pieces. So get in quickly: the first 33 are already sold out.

And how much do people desire this extraordinary pleasure?

It is currently $ 4,200 and is set to climb to $ 5,000 after the second round sell off.

I will accept that the man is a bit of a court, but why does he think I would want to spend thousands of pounds on his earplugs?

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to A Sense of Home, a charity that hosts young people who have outgrown care.

Still … earplugs? In houses & real estate?

Oh for God’s sake look at the picture. This is a screen print of a piece painted by Brosnan in 1995 while filming GoldenEye, which was autographed by the man himself. The cast had to wear earplugs while filming the action sequences, and the connoisseur’s bond decided to immortalize the instructions for pasting into a painting inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

Another stupid celebrity asking to be taken seriously as an artist.

The Irish heartthrob’s first job was in an artist’s studio specializing in furniture illustration, no less for the Evening Standard. He left to become an actor in 1969 but began painting again in the late 1980s. Printing is good business too. Brosnan’s painting of Bob Dylan sold for $ 1.4 million in a charity auction in 2018.

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