PHOTOS: World Drive Entrance Painting Completed for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

“The World’s Most Magical Celebration” is just around the corner from Walt Disney World, and that is obvious once you arrive on the property at Walt Disney World Resort. The entrance to World Drive was originally written in red on a gold background and red pillars, but has slowly evolved into a new color scheme over the course of this month. This entrance is now complete and features white lettering against a blue background with gray pillars, somewhat mimicking the original Cinderella Castle color scheme. Look down below:

One big change we’re seeing today is the addition of the new marquee. In the past, the marquee used to say “Where dreams come true”. The golden banner reads “The most magical place in the world”.


The “Walt” in “Walt Disney World” was the last piece to be repainted white.


This new blue / gold / gray color scheme now welcomes guests to the Walt Disney World Resort and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the resort in the “Most Magical Festival in the World”.


Our favorite characters also received some touch-ups. Until a few days ago, Minnie Mouse stayed wrapped in plastic. Today their spots are fully exhibited.


Donald Duck and Goofy’s tents were the first to receive fixes.


The new entrance to World Drive remains as bright and inviting as ever from behind.


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