PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/1/21 (Blue Fantasyland Painting, Promotional Filming, Concrete Work, a Surprise Easter Treat, and More)

Welcome to another magical day in the Magic Kingdom – well, every day in the Magic Kingdom is indeed magical! Today started a bit rocky, but it got better. And as always, we promise food.

At the start of the day the monorail was down and you know what that means: all that’s left is the buses and ferries, but people are rushing to get both of them to the park as soon as possible.


If we choose to use our reliable bus transportation, the line is long due to the crowds during the holidays, but it moves quickly.


Anyway, we went straight to our first stop and were told to immediately look up and see a beautiful, cloudless sky.


The roof of the Cinderella Castle, which was turning blue again, blended in nicely with the sky.


When we went to PeopleMover, we spotted some serious filming on Tomorrowland Terrace.


The Tomorrowland attraction is still closed and is still being tested. It has an opening date in May. Although every opening date has been postponed so far, at this rate we only hope that they’ll be ready by the 50th anniversary.


Cool Ship is still on board, not sure what that means as it was closed anyway.


More concrete tiles are being processed around the Tomorrowland Speedway.


Other temporary supports have been removed from the TRON Lightcycle / Run and the funny thing is that one performer said that everyone is constantly asking about the PeopleMover and yet nobody seems to care about TRON.


Peter Pan’s Flight … Still no news as the sign is still down and the thematic skrim is still up.


While in the Emporium for a moment, we saw that the popular Cinderella Castle Cookie Jars were back in stock. By the time this post gets published, they will likely be gone again.


Looking for more blue in the park – no, not you stitch, we mean blue color.


As we said earlier, we keep an eye out for towers and roofs that are painted blue to match the castle and 50th anniversary theme, like Pooh Spire here


The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is not yet open, but is being painted. This photo is a good example of old and new as you can see the difference in the color and darkness of the roofs.


As we said earlier, the sky got very cloudy later in the day even though our phones kept saying there was 0% of the rain. Darkened skies, falling temperatures, cool gusts of wind, our florid senses tingled and we decided to drive to our next stop of the day.


Our next stop is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, where we found this little guy who needs some dust and sunscreen. Boy, are we missing out on guest relations birthday calls on that phone?


On the way to the resort we found a little treat, and by “meant” we mean “completely surprised”. We had to order it at checkout, it was $ 5.99 and if you want to see our review read it here.


We end up showing more construction on Floridian Way because there’s Disney World lately but lots and lots of construction. Thank you for choosing the readers. We’ll be back with more news soon!

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