PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/31/21 (Painting Progresses on Cinderella Castle, New Friar’s Nook Menu, New MaDe Items, and More)

Hello from another hot day in the Magic Kingdom! Cooler temperatures are coming, but they’re not there yet. In the meantime, we’ve put on sunscreen and checked out what might be new for us here to show you. Let’s begin!

It’s been a busy day for building updates in the Magic Kingdom. On the Cinderella Castle Stage, which started in and around Cinderella Castle, some progress was made overnight last night. Additional metal bars and white slats have been added to the left of the stage.

Cinderella-Castle-50th Anniversary-4-4825389

A large tower flag was attached to the east side of the castle. This is the foremost tower of the castle, which makes the 50th anniversary décor easy to see from Main Street in the United States. You can find more pictures and information in our article here.

Cinderella-Castle-50th Anniversary-1-3472258

While the towers have been painted for some time, the two pointed roofs of Cinderella Castle have remained unfinished to this day. The top roof was repainted last night, bringing the original chevron pattern back to life. You can find more pictures and information in our article here.


The roofs of the shops immediately behind the castle were also showing some progress, although they were not finished and somewhat inconsistent.


You even started on Sir Mickey’s roof and recently painted a single tower roof.


One of the missing vignettes on Regal Chousing by Prince Charming has returned from renovation and looks very pretty in its new brilliant gold leaf.


The reopening date of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover has been postponed again. The last time it is to open is on April 3rd in a few days and will now be postponed to May 2021.


While we’ve seen very few people on the loading platform since the parks reopened, we recently saw some cast members who we didn’t realize spent some time near the controls for the people mover, which may be the start The re-opening of the re-opening of the re-training of the cast members in preparation We hope May will be the magical reopening month! Read our article on the history of the attraction’s closure.


The seemingly endless rash of fresh concrete pop-up spots blocked by guests was only slightly different today than the last time we saw it. We’re not sure what to do with ourselves when we stop working the sidewalk telling you about it, but luckily we have a long time before we have to find out.


Some of the circus wagons at Casey Jr.’s Splash ‘n’ Soak Station have recently been repainted to give these already beautiful pieces a new luster.


After a long period of inactivity, work on the Walt Disney World Railroad near Fantasyland Station has started again. Additional sleepers and tracks were installed and excavations carried out. You can find more pictures and information in our article here.


The Agrabah bazaar was closed again today. We suspect that opening it up as a bar table and stroller parking area should either improve traffic flow in this congested area during the busy week of spring break or provide a test for future use. In any case, we will keep an eye on this place.


As we passed Friar’s Nook, we noticed that new menu boards were being installed.


We even got that rare look at a much older menu bar that was hidden under previous menus. You can find more pictures and information about this explosion from the past in our article here.


We tried both of the new Loaded Hot Dogs on the new Friar’s Nook menu and are fans of both! For more pictures and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


When we checked the mobile order options today, we found that tiramisu has returned to the Pinocchio Village house as a dessert option.


In the merchandise news we found two new additions to the EPCOT World Showcase Pavilion Open Edition pin series. We found a third pen for the France Pavilion and a second pen for the Mexico Pavilion. We found these pins at The Emporium and they both retail for $ 9.99 each.


Next we found this pet Spirit Jersey with a puppy and spots from “101 Dalmatians”. This jersey was also available at The Emporium for $ 36.99.


We found three new utility key fobs that make it easier to interact with door handles and push buttons while remaining touchless. Three new prints including Disney Villains, Stitch and Mickey Mouse are now available and packaged in plastic. We found these key rings in Plaza del Sol Caribe for $ 12.99 each.

Once upon a time there was a snowman-magic-ribbon-made-kiosk-magic-kingdom-03312021-9022706
Once upon a time there was a snowman-phone-case-made-kiosk-magic-kingdom-03312021-2796643

We found two new batches of themed designs in the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. MaDe kiosk. The first design was this one with Olaf from “Once Upon A Snowman”, which was available on a MagicBand and a phone case.


Next up, we found several designs for the popular Disney + original series, WandaVision, including this Sword phone case and magnet.


There was also a classic WandaVision logo phone case and magnet.

We are an unusual couple-comic-art-wall-avision-phone-cover-made-kiosk-magic-kingdom-03312021-5696923
Welcome to Westview-Wandavision-made-Kiosk-Magic-Kingdom-03312021-8214204

Most MaDe items are customizable. MagicBands start at $ 24.99, phone cases at $ 29.99, and magnets at $ 14.99.


In the Emporium we found a new section dedicated to “Nightmare Before Christmas”. While nothing was new here, it was nice to see these merchandise displayed so beautifully here.

Cinderella-Castle-featured picture-Heroes-Magic-Kingdom-03312021-6475138

We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom today and hope you enjoyed coming with us. I wish you a magical day!

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