PerkinElmer Supports JUMP-CP Consortium Creating World’s Largest, Public Cell Painting Dataset

WALTHAM, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in innovation for a healthier world, announced today that it has joined the Joint Undertaking in Morphological Profiling-Cell Painting (JUMP-CP) with its PhenoVue ™ Cell Painting Kits. Consortium provides. The consortium at the top from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and including leading pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit research organizations focused on creating and sharing the world’s largest public cell imaging dataset to help scientists determine the mechanism of action of new therapeutics before they are introduced into patient clinical trials. When completed, the data set will contain information from over a billion cells that respond to more than 140,000 small molecules and genetic disorders. The current lack of full and open access to this type of valuable data – including drug activity and toxicity responses, as well as disease matching insights – has been a major drug discovery bottleneck resulting in longer development cycles.

With the PerkinElmer PhenoVue kit, which contains validated, pre-optimized fluorescent probes, consortium scientists benefit from the convenience and simplicity of its ready-to-use format and compatibility with high-content screening applications. This helps researchers save time and resources.

Dr. Alan Fletcher, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at PerkinElmer, Inc. commented on the importance of the JUMP-CP collaboration: “One of the most important challenges facing drug discovery today is predicting how potential new drugs will perform when they are introduced to the human market Body. Cell painting is an exciting new way to combine cell and computational biology to conduct more predictive drug discovery that can help reduce time-to-market for novel therapies while reducing late-stage clinical trial failures. We are excited to be involved in this groundbreaking research and dataset development. ”

Dr. Anne Carpenter, Senior Director of the Imaging Platform at Broad Institute: “Cell painting is proving to be such a powerful data source for identifying phenotypic patterns in cells that have been affected by compounds, genetic changes, or disease. I am delighted that the members of the JUMP-CP consortium have come together to help create the world’s largest public gene / compound cell painting dataset that will benefit drug researchers around the world. ”

The PhenoVue kit is part of PerkinElmer’s complete workflow solution for cell painting and relevant disease-related cell models, including CellCarrier ™ Ultra Microplates, Horizon Discovery Edit-R ™ CRISPR and Dharmacon ™ RNAi Reagents and Libraries, the bespoke explorer ™ G3 Cell Painting Workstation , the high-content imaging systems Opera Phenix® Plus and Operetta CLS ™, the high-content analysis and storage software systems Harmony® and Columbus ™ as well as the PerkinElmer Signals ™ screening data and workflow management and visualization platform with TIBCO Spotfire® -Analysis.

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About PerkinElmer

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About the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium

Funded in part by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s (MLSC) Bits to Bytes Capital Call, the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium is developing a new data-driven approach to drug discovery based on cellular imaging, image analysis, and high-dimensional data analysis. We believe it will transform drug discovery by removing a major bottleneck in the pharmaceutical pipeline: determining the mechanism of action of potential therapeutics before introducing them to the patient. We will create an unprecedented public dataset to validate and extend this image-based drug discovery strategy. This valuable public resource will then be available for other uses including predicting the activity and toxicity of compounds, adapting drugs to disease states, and more.

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