PerkinElmer Launches First Cell Painting Kit

WALTHAM, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in innovation for a healthier world, today launched the first cell painting kit as part of its new portfolio of PhenoVue ™ cell imaging reagents. This new line of reagents leverages PerkinElmer’s expertise in cellular imaging and high-content screening and works in conjunction with the company’s microtiter plates, automation, software and industry-leading high-content screening tools. With this entire screening workflow, researchers can better understand diseases and develop more targeted therapies and drugs to treat them.

Cell Painting is a powerful application of high-content screening technology that combines cell and computational biology to study the effects of perturbagens such as chemical compounds, drugs or genes on the behavior of cells. Cells are “painted” by marking cell compartments with different fluorescent biosondes so that these areas can be profiled quantitatively. However, making reagents from scratch can be incredibly time consuming.

To meet this challenge, the PhenoVue ™ Cell Malkit provides convenience and simplicity through a ready-to-use format and is part of a new suite of reagents that includes fluorescent organelle staining probes and dye-labeled secondary antibodies. These reagents are validated for high grade screening applications to reduce customer assay development time. Customers can use these reagents, for example, with the CellCarrier ™ Ultra microtiter plates from PerkinElmer, the high-content screening system PerkinElmer Opera Phenix® Plus, the high-content analysis system Operetta CLS ™ and the high-content analysis software Harmony®.

“Researchers are leveraging high-content screening and cell painting to make extraordinary discoveries that will help drive more innovative drugs and therapies,” said Alan Fletcher, vice president and GM, life sciences, PerkinElmer. “With our new PhenoVue ™ cellular imaging reagents, we now offer a full suite of high content screening products and expert services. This will help researchers create streamlined workflows and enjoy working with a single, experienced technology provider to accelerate discovery. ”

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About PerkinElmer

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