Perfect pairing: Faux painting techniques, coral & navy are visual update | Home


This kitchen and den combination is the central command for this busy family. It is the meeting place for children, pets, family and friends and carries the brunt of everyday activities.

When the homeowners decided it was time for an economic update, they hired interior designer and painter Sarah Staebell from Staebell Designs.

“They wanted to freshen up everything in the room and add some color and more personal touch. It’s such an open area that I wanted the same color palette to flow through the room, ”says Staebell.

Your budget-friendly solution? Fine art painting and fabulous fabrics.

Kitchen cabinets have been repainted in crisp white, an effective contrast to the walls in both rooms, which were painted with Sherwin Williams “Smoky Blue”. For the hood vent above the stove, Staebell created the illusion of old exposed brick and peeling plaster, a trompe l’oeil technique she also used in a corner of the cave near the fireplace.

“They wanted something unique, something different. It was fun and was a bit of a surprise when people found out it wasn’t real. “

Instead of replacing laminate, she used artificial painting techniques to create authentic stone-look countertops.

“I did the picture freehand because I wanted it to look natural, layered and blended, not like a stencil or stencil. It requires the use of multiple painting techniques.

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