Pensioner’s fury over fine for painting DIY pedestrian crossing near Mudeford home

Laurie Phillips painted the intersection near his house on the approach to Mudeford Quay

A RENSOR has spoken of his anger over being fined £ 130 for drawing a pedestrian crossing on the road towards Mudeford Quay.


Laurie Phillips, 78, said the road was dangerous with a lot of cars driving it, especially in summer, and he had repeatedly asked the BCP council to install an intersection there.

“My wife is disabled and it is very difficult for her to get there,” he told the A&T. “It was very busy this summer.

Laurie Phillips

“In August the council was down here every night to repeat the markings and crossings.

“I called them and said when they were here they could put a zebra crossing over there. I thought it would be an ideal opportunity but they refused and said it was not on their schedule so I decided to do it myself. “

He paid £ 100 for supplies and with the help of two other spent two hours painting the intersection on Chichester Way a few hundred yards from his house.

Mr Phillips said he was thanked by local residents and neighbors, but his gesture was not that popular with the council, and four days later the agency cleared the crossing.

He was then examined by the police for criminal damage.

The retired psychotherapist said he was threatened with arrest and questioned by officials before receiving a resolution to dissolve the community that would require him to pay the fine.

He added, “I think it was a total waste of police time.”

Mr Phillips has contacted the council several times since then asking for a crossing to be introduced.

The council removes Laurie’s crossing

“They told me that safety is their number one priority, but still say it is not on their schedule,” he said. “There are crossings at several crossings on the quay, but none on the approach, which is crazy.”

A BCP spokesman said: “The situation regarding illegal labeling has been resolved and we can confirm that we have received a formal request to place an intersection at this location on Mudeford Quay.

“As with any other intersection request we receive, we will carefully review the request to determine whether it is appropriate to create an official or informal intersection at this location.

“Security remains our main concern.”


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