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Ruthie Stiefel is the owner of Creative Words & Signs by RUTHIE. Stiefel began working as a painter in 1976, at a time when female drawing painters were unknown. Her creativity and determination have kept her in business for more than four decades.

Stiefel said she saw many raised eyebrows when she started drawing characters because most of the character painters were men.

“It took people a while to get the idea that a woman could do this type of job,” said Stiefel.

At first she went door-to-door handing out business cards to promote her business, but word of mouth proved to be the most powerful advertising option.

“My father-in-law went to coffee in the morning and talked to his coffee drinker colleagues about me, which has really helped me get my business off the ground.”

Over the years she has painted concession signs for the Collinsville Trade Day flea market, the sides of buildings, mailboxes, storefronts, signage on chicken farms, picture murals, nativity figurines, and more. Her colorful, large-scale skills set her work apart.

Your skills go beyond just painting letters. Her artistic skills enable her to expand what her company has to offer.

“Over the years I’ve painted murals in churches,” said Stiefel. “I like it when I can do something unique like a 3-D mural.” Your 3-D murals make an object painted on the picture protrude from the painting. For example, when she paints a picture of a boat, she uses wood to extend the boat outside of the wall or canvas, adding depth and dimension to the picture.

Many people who want a painted sign for their business often choose something called a two-dimensional piece of art, in which the letters or numbers are designed to give them the illusion of depth.

Stiefel knows that a company must evolve over time to stay afloat.

“When vinyl lettering became popular, I knew I had to keep up with the current style,” said Stiefel. “I bought the equipment necessary to meet public demand.”

Go to RUTHIE’s Creative Words & Signs group on Facebook or call 256-601-1991.

– Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the weekend edition of the Times-Journal.

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