Panting Under Pressure: A blistering ballad on Muskrat Falls

He’s back in the hot seat: Sean Panting will write songs in an hour based on your suggestions.

This week’s topic? Muskrat falls.

And it even has a familiar melody.

“It will become clear to everyone – especially children of the 70s and 80s,” Panting said Friday on CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show on the latest in a series called Panting Under Pressure.

He got it right under the wire in about 58 minutes.

See what he’s come up with in the video below – and why Danny Williams may not be a fan.

Sean Panting wrote this glowing ballad about Muskrat Falls in an hour. 2:03

Have an idea?

Share your thoughts on topics you want Panting to perform a song about in the coming weeks.

To suggest a topic, call St. John’s Morning Show at 1-866-576-5259 or tweet us at @sjmorningshow.

It’s Friday, time for @ SeanPanting negative pressure. An hour to write a song for them @sjmorningshow. @KrissyHolmes @CBCNL

– @ Fred_Hutton

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