Panting put under pressure with 1-hour songwriting challenge

The songwriting process can sometimes be a love affair – a struggle over how to perfectly combine lyrics and melodies. This is not one of those times.

We bring St. Johns musician Sean Panting to the point, big time.

You propose the subject and he’ll write a parody song about it – in an hour. Panting will then play the tune on St. John’s Morning Show.

“Around five to eight I began to think that maybe I had made a mistake in coming up with this idea,” Panting said on Friday, just before performing his first hour-long miracle live on CBC radio. “But it worked out fine. The power of panic.”

On its debut, aquaculture was the theme. See what he has come up with in this video.

Sean Panting wrote this song about escaping farmed fish in just an hour. 2:54

Share your thoughts on topics you’d like to perform a song about in the coming weeks.

To suggest a topic, call the Morning Show at 1-866-576-5259 or tweet us at @sjmorningshow

Listen to the full interview here.

He did it. He actually did it. @ SeanPanting Immediately wrote us a song about salmon escaping from cages of all things! Well done sir … #pantingunderpressure

– @ sjmorningshow

With files from St. John’s Morning Show and Danny Arsenault

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