Painting with Light illuminates Art Hour with video & light design

Painting with light, a light and multimedia expertworked on the second edition of The Art Hour in the former Holy Ghost Chapel in Mechelen, Belgium. The Art Hour developed by art collectors and entrepreneurs Hans & Joost Bourlon, shows the art of Belgian masters and aims to make them more accessible by making them accessible to a wider audience.

This interactive and immersive exhibition shows 33 paintings by nineteen Belgian artists between 1850 and 1950 in three places for one hour. In addition to the work of art, stories of Flemish personalities such as are told Marc Van Ranst, Jill Peeters, Arno Hintjens and Wim Opbroeck and Elodie Oueadraogo.

Creative light and video design

Painting with Light is responsible for the design and management of the lighting, video and audio for the show, as well as humidity control.

As visitors travel through the first two rooms, they can view the artwork and listen to the stories told by life-size videos of the speakers projected onto the walls alongside the paintings by Panasonic Technology. Then the third room in the old chapel is a darker room with a haunting light show and an invisible narrator.

Cockfight in Flanders by Emile Claus at Art Hour

This highlight of this last room is The Cockfight in Flanders by Emile Claus This is presented with specially designed lighting that illuminates the various elements of the painting one by one.

Luc Peumans, Painting with Light CEO, said: “It is a pleasure to work again with the lighting design and video programming organizers for this second and even better edition of The Art Hour.

“With our team, we have combined all of the creative and technical know-how into an interactive concept in which visitors can experience each work of art individually in just one hour. Timing, lighting, audio and visitor flow must therefore be perfectly synchronized. We are happy to contribute to a better knowledge of our Flemish masters in the public and to pay them the tribute they deserve. ”

Synchronized effects

Painting with light began with the creation of a virtual version of the exhibition in WYSIWYG, which was presented to the organizers as a VR experience. For this project, the Painting with Light team provided the entire technical design, including the projection system, creative lighting, audio track and control, as well as specification, procurement and commissioning of all devices and their installation.

The art lesson painting with light

The Art Hour tours are subject to COVID security measures. Each tour lasts an hour and starts every 20 minutes. Upon arrival, guests receive headsets and audio players. When your time slot begins, the entrance door opens automatically. The AV content is synchronized from a central control room for a simple and stress-free visitor experience.

Painting with Light coordinated the lighting for each painting and backlit it with RGB LED strips that matched the color palette of each piece. The team also worked to focus the lights and minimize reflections for a comfortable visitor experience.

The first and second rooms are equipped with black textile wall cladding provided by the partner Showtex. Linear lighting at floor level has been added to Painting with Light to make it easier for guests to find their way around. . The illuminance in the entrance area adjusts to the time of day thanks to an external light sensor and the humidity in the galleries is controlled to protect the paintings. The art lesson runs until September 30, 2021.

The company also recently designed a striking work of light art in Leuven, Belgium, as part of Studio Brussel’s The Warmest Week fundraiser

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